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Recent Solo and Collaborative Works
Paper Buck
Solo Exhibition - Vernissage 07. 06. 2015
Historic Town Hall Dringenberg - Germany

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He had brought something of the sunshine of California: Paper Buck presented his works with a lot of temperament and youthful charm in bright sunshine and knee-length shorts the appeared in large numbers visitors of his vernissage in the historic town hall Dringenberg

Paper Buck - California sun in the historic town hall Dringenberg
Impressions from the Vernissage 07 June 2015

During a tour around the "Recent Solo and Collaborative Works" exhibition the 29 years old Paper Buck told in English the genesis of the works. The exhibition is based on a multiannual research of social and political history of racial identity in the US and his own family history. New works from the series graphic display are "Wars Continue Each Other", "Beyond Seen" and "History in the Present"

History in the Present

"History in the present" is a very personal exploration of intersections and links of history and stories. Printmaking, painting and drawing are expressions of the artist, living in California, USA. As a descendant of settlers from Ireland and Scandinavia Paper Buck asks about the conditions and decisions of those Europeans who left their homelands. The works on show rather muted colors, many are decorated in grays and blacks.

To assist with the tour of the exhibition stand him and the visitors Barbara Beisinghoff, artist from Diemelstadt-Rhoden, whose graphics-Studio Paper Buck stayed in 2013 as "Artist in Residence". Barbara Beisinghoff translated in part, the spirited expressions of the young artist and brought the issued retrospective in their own way closer to the customer. By the way, the artist had brought his mother Amelia de Neergaard, which participates in the exhibition with an installation at the main pillar in the room.

Thoughts as Landscapes

Paper Buck formulated the results of his research in landscapes that reflect both the visible and the psychic reality of American life experience. With Photos, art historical image quotations and personal experiences found in mass media and family archives, he creates his own worlds in which the historical patterns arenlinked with seemingly incompatible connections composed of different experience levels and displayed cartographically.

He is interested in politicized creative projects that use socially collaborative and cross-disciplinary approaches to play at the confluence of traditional and innovative technical processes while participating in the work of building social movements. Curator Renate Ortner by the cultural association ARTD Driburg was very pleased to have brought with Paper Buck an artist from California to Dringenberg who as Grassroots Organizer uses next to his expressive work against racial and economic injustices.

Women power for the young artist during the exhibition opening in the Historic Town Hall Dringenberg: (from left) curator Renate Ortner, artist Barbara Beisinghoff from Diemelstadt-Rhoden, whose graphic studio Paper Buck stayed in 2013 as "Artist in Residence", artist Paper Buck, Paper Bucks mother Amelia de Neergaard and Silke Dohmann, branch manager of the Sparkasse in Dringenberg who participated as a sponsor at the realization of the exhibition.

Artist Paper Buck and his mother Amelia de Neergaard which participates in the exhibition with an installation at the main pillar in the space, support each other and were amused at the vernissage in the historic town hall Dringenberg in front of one of his works. Amelia de Neergaard studied at Bennington College in Vermont and at the Californian Institute of the Arts. For many years she has undergone various work training, for example Paper making, basket weaving, working with wire and textile art. After 20 years as a freelance artist and graphic designer in New York, she moved with her family to Connecticut. There she has her own studio and often exhibits nationally. Paper Buck is currently the Printmaking Studio Manager at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA.


After touring the exhibition, discussions on the featured works and talks with the artists in sharing a snack continued

The exhibition at the
"Historisches Rathaus Dringenberg"
is open from

07. June 2015
06. September 2015


Opening times :

we und sa 14-17 clock,

su 10-12 und 14-17:30 clock

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